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Tag cheating husband

Private Investigators Reveal the Truth Behind Signs of Cheating

Dave J January 5, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , , Cheating, Reveal Blog No comments
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Private Investigator Reveals the truth behind the 10 Most Common Signs of Cheating


The holiday period has come to an end, the presents have been exchanged and everybody is back at work but you’re still concerned that your partner’s behaviour is unusual – Is it paranoia or are you missing something?

With a simple Google search you can find a variety of articles from people all over the globe confessing they know the definitive tell tale signs to prove their partner is cheating, some of them cover the obvious things such as coming home smelling of someone else’s perfume/aftershave right the way through to comprehensive lists that constantly contradict themselves and would leave you questioning the loyalty of the most devoted partner on the planet.


We specialise in investigating the behaviour of unfaithful/cheating partners and matrimonial issues so we speak to people from all walks of life and at varying stages of suspicion. Some people have seen it first-hand and others are simply paranoid but the issue is that being suspicious of your partner will likely affect the way you behave towards them and that can be part of the problem itself. It is unhealthy to constantly be suspicious and it quickly turns to bitterness and resent so it is important to get closure on the issue and not let it build in the back of your mind.


We deal with people who are either being cheated on or suspect they are being cheated on every day and we follow it up by investigations those accusations and uncovering the truth so we are pretty good at differentiating between signs somebody is cheating and random facts that have led a person to believe their partner is cheating.

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