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We offer a specialist tracing service. Incorporating determination, intelligence and using the industries latest resources we have established a high success rate. Our team has experience locating even the most evasive of subjects using only the smallest pieces of information.
You may be looking to find an address for somebody trying to avoid you or looking for a new address as somebody has moved properties without your knowledge. We have access to information that is not publicly available online so don’t be disheartened if you have tried using various online searches without any luck.
We can find more than just addresses, we can also trace the owner of a phone number, it may be somebody you have done business with, a random number you have been receiving call or texts from or just somebody you have been speaking to and want to confirm their identity.

  • Gone Away Debtors
  • Old Friends / Partners
  • Lost Relatives
  • Owners Of Phone Numbers
  • Companies
  • Address Confirmation
  • Missing People
  • Beneficiaries



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What information do you require to start a trace?

Initially we require as much information on the trace subject to give the best chance of a successful  and fast trace. However we have many successful previous cases working from the smallest amounts of information.

Will anyone know I have conducted a trace?

No. there will be no record that a trace has been carried out. The methods we use have been established over a number of years and our agents are skilled in what they do.

No win, No Fee!

For some trace enquires we offer a No Win No Fee service meaning you only pay if the trace is successful. We will not charge you a penny for the work we carry out unless we gain the result you are looking for.

What’s the first step?

Initially we need to talk with any potential clients either by phone or face to face. This is to get an understanding of your needs and expectations and to see whether Reveal Private Investigations can achieve these. There are no fee’s or costs involved for these meetings.

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Need to locate a person, address or owner of a phone number?

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  • Tracing


    Our tracing service will allow you to locate individuals, addresses and phone numbers for even the most evasive of subjects


  • After months of not receiving rent I tried to confront the tenants and they disappeared. I was owed just over £3000 so visited the previous address they supplied but had no luck, all of the phone numbers I had for them were going straight to voicemail so i decided to seek help. I gave the details I had for the tenants and had a new address for them the same week, the case is now going to court and reveal helped me serve the documents as well.

    VN, Speedwell

  • After months of trouble with staff we consulted Reveal for assistance, my case manager arranged a meeting and was very discrete upon his visit. After a brief discussion we decided to put our trust in their hands and we have no regrets. Our main concern was ensuring that we had enough evidence to confirm our suspicions before confronting the two staff members, the team advised us on how best to approach the situation and also when the evidence was sufficient enough to present.

    SME, Montpelier

  • I had been considering calling an investigator for a long time and finally decided I would speak to somebody just to find out if it would even be possible to find out what my wife had been doing. I felt my case manager went the extra mile to make sure I understood what all the options were and really helped me make the decision without trying to be pushy or do something I wasn't comfortable with. Ultimately the evidence was exactly what i needed to move on with my life.

    PK, Lawrence Hill