Process Serving

Process serving is the act of delivering legal documentation, when notifying a party of legal action you must ensure that the documentation has actually been received. A Process server is a trusted third party that will guarantee documents have not only been delivered but also been received by the named recipient(s) and the provide a statement, certificate or affidavit that details when, where and how the document was delivered.

Great Service

Our process servers offer a fixed fee process serving package that includes up to 3 visits, we guarantee that the documents will be served correctly and on-time, everytime. Once the serve has taken place we will ensure all relevant documentation is submitted and sent to yourself within 48 hours.   Many of the individuals getting served are aware that they will be getting served at some point and exercise caution making it difficult to locate and identify them. Fortunately as private investigators we are excellent at being discreet, have a variety of techniques and an array of equipment we can use to confirm their identity and obtain evidence of our serve.


With the use of covert body-worn cameras we are able to provide video footage of every process serve in addition to our certificate/statement/affidavit giving you the peace of mind that the recipient has no way of disputing the service.

If you are unsure of the location or address for your subject we also offer a Trace & Serve package that includes identifying the whereabouts of your subject and the service itself.


  • Fixed Fee Process Serving
  • Trace & Serve Packages Available
  • Weekend Service Available
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Covert Footage of Service Available
  • Statements of Service/ Certificates of Service/ Affidavits Sent within 48 hours

Case Studies

Not sure about our services? Read examples of how our surveillance service has helped our customers.

Serving One Of Three Identical Brothers

As a Process Server a photograph of your recipient is always helpful however not in the case of three near identical brothers. We were tasked with serving a recipient but knowing that he was one of three near identical makes it a very difficult task, in this instance the process server was not able to leave the documents with anybody other than the recipient. If he had left it with one of them without them identifying themselves they had every right to say that they didn’t receive the documents as they were given to the wrong brother. We had already asked our client if we were able to serve them outside of the property as it was in a secured compound making access impossible. Our client had informed us that the three of them regularly drank in the local pub so our process server headed down to the local pub and lone behold the three were sat at the bar together, we asked the bar man to call the name of our recipient and surely enough he stood straight up from his stool and asked what he wanted. The documents were served and we were able to confirm that the recipient had identified himself verbally. Read the full case: Serving one of Three Identical Brothers

The Man Who Accused Our Process Server Of Lying

In many of our process serves we wear a covert body-worn camera and obtain video evidence of the serve, although it is very rare anybody ever disputes that they were served, it does happen from time to time. After identifying himself to our process server the man changed his mind and openly said he was going to say that he never received the document, we informed the man that the process was being recorded and that now he had identified himself we were legally within our rights to leave the documents on the floor as he was aware they were there. He insisted that he didn’t care and that he didn’t believe the serve was being recorded, the documents were placed inside his doorway and we explained that it was similar to a parking ticket, you can rip it up or throw it in the bin but it doesn’t change the fact you have received it. The man claimed he had never received the document and we supplied video evidence to his solicitor showing not only him with the documents in his hand but also admitting he was going to lie about receiving them. Needless to say the man’s statement changed shortly after. Read the full case: The Man who accused our process server of lying

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Divorce Her Husband

Many marriages break down but not every couple take the final step of divorce and often spend years separated but technically still married. We were tasked with assisting a man who had been separated from his wife for a number of years as he had the intentions of marrying his new partner but when he asked his wife to sign the paperwork she had disappeared. She had left her job and moved out of the property but fortunately we were able to trace her to a new address, when our process server knocked on the door she was completely oblivious and openly admitted that she was indeed the woman named in the divorce petition our process server held in his hand. She was served a Divorce petition and our client was able to move forward with his new partner. Read the full case: The woman who wouldn’t divorce her husband