Corporate Watchdog

Exposing Cases of Corporate Fraud and Business Misconduct


The Corporate Watchdog was established to help companies and consumers voice the experiences they’ve had dealing with corporate fraud and business misconduct.


We cover cases ranging from individuals who have been bullied into paying unnecessary charges through to companies that have been bankrupt by conglomerates underperforming on overpriced contracts. The classic David and Goliath story comes to mind, many feel they are powerless to fight against large firms such as insurance companies and telecoms providers because they have no chance of winning.

Corporate Watchdog

Fighting against these big players is a daunting task, legal fee’s alone can cripple a business so the risk of losing often outweighs the potential gains.

There are many industries that widely accept the fact this behaviour is common practice, customers are treated as disposable because the company doesn’t depend on their business. Sometimes the best choice is a startup, an SME or a sole-trader, not simply because they can supply the product or service you need but because they value your business. Companies that value your business will over deliver on contracts and bend over backwards to ensure you are a happy customer, why? In some cases it may be because you have a personal relationship with them but primarily it is because they rely on your custom so it is important to them and they will do whatever they can to maintain that business.

We want to hear your stories, whether they are good, bad or ugly. Some people are still tied into the contracts in dispute and still working with the companies they have been betrayed by so we guarantee to keep your stories anonymous.


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