Corporate Fraud

Corporate Fraud

Time Wasting at Work: Part of Life or Corporate Fraud?

Dave J July 8, 2016 Tags: , , , Corporate Fraud, Reveal Blog No comments
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Time-Wasting at Work: Counting the Cost

In an age where we’re constantly glued to screens, the temptation to rebel against the working day – procrastinating, browsing leisurely websites, meddling with the staple gun so it fires blanks – has never been higher. And as we work more autonomously than ever before, people can easily gravitate towards non-ancillary tasks.

This blasé attitude, however, threatens the livelihood of both the employee and business owner. You’re paying someone to be doing a certain thing for a certain amount of time; any transgression from that trust is money down the drain. Let’s take a look at the issue, and where employers should draw the line:
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