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Ashley Madison Hacked – Was your partners name on the list?

Dave J July 21, 2015 Tags: , , , , , , Cheating, Industry News, Reveal Blog No comments
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Online dating site Ashley Madison targets individuals that are already in relationships, promoting affairs with the tag line ‘life is short, have an affair’.

Over 33 million members were scrambling to delete accounts and cover their tracks this morning as news broke that a group of hackers known as the ‘impact group’ had obtained members personal details from addresses to sexual fantasies and intimate conversations. Even members who had paid specifically to have all of their details from the site may still be at risk according the group.

Did you watch your partners jaw drop at the breakfast table this morning as they heard the news that Ashley Madison members’ details were going to be released?

We are a group of private investigators that specialise in matrimonial cases and cheating partners, even though many of us would like to believe it’s just international businessmen playing away whilst on different continents, the shocking truth is that it’s happening everywhere.

It raises the question, if 33 million people are paying to use a site aimed at having affairs, how many people are having affairs without using a website?

Millions of couples are stuck in unhappy marriages caused by lack of trust and suspicion often blamed on paranoia, but it can be very difficult to accuse somebody you love of having an affair without having any concrete evidence. Many of our clients said they already knew their partner was cheating and had accused them in the past but only ended up causing more problems in their relationship because they couldn’t prove it. Some even admitted they knew who their partner was cheating with however when they tried to confront them their partner responded with, ‘Your paranoid”, “You just don’t trust me”, “Your just jealous because we’re friends”.

We have helped thousands of our clients get the evidence they need to move forward with their lives, some of our clients want to know that they are making the right move trusting their partner and by carrying out some surveillance we give them the peace of mind they deserve by proving their partner is telling the truth. Other clients need the evidence so they can finally accept the truth and admit that their partner is being unfaithful and they need to confront them and move on with their lives. In some cases our clients need evidence they can present in court to show a judge the reason their marriage has fallen apart is because their partner has been unfaithful and they deserve a fair settlement.

We have packages tailored towards cheating partners and matrimonial cases, these packages combine the services we find are most effective and provide the client with the best chance of getting the evidence they need.

If you feel your partner may have been unfaithful, if you need evidence to forgive your partner or need evidence to move on with your life, even if you need evidence to present in court, we can help.

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